Episode 6

Tichina and Zenay Arnold Bring Laughter and Love to Their Work


September 29th, 2020

1 hr 6 mins 59 secs

Season 1

Your Host

About this Episode

The fourth week of Harmonics features actress Tichina Arnold, host Beth Behrs' co-star on CBS's The Neighborhood, along with her sister and manager, Zenay Arnold - both of whom Behrs considers her closest friends, dare she say sisters.

In this episode, the three friends discuss faith and trust in the face of life-threatening lupus, the spirituality of music and the musicality of comedy, the timeliness of The Neighborhood as well as the pure spirit on the set, the absolutely necessity of open conversation in active anti-racism, balancing a professional and a familial relationship, and much more.

Not only was Tichina Arnold in the original Little Shop of Horrors film, but she's also been a part of countless other works prior to The Neighborhood, including 2019's The Last Black Man in San Francisco, and sitcoms like Martin and Everybody Hates Chris. And her sister Zenay, through it all, has been her biggest fan and partner in show business.

In terms of spiritual coaches in her life, Behrs tells us that these two are it. "Their trust in a higher power... and their dedication to leading with kindness is something that is unparalleled in Hollywood, and it's probably why they've had such an incredible career." The sisters' belief that if we lead with kindness, faith, and trust, we're all gonna make it, is a perfect message for 2020.